Artistic practice

This body of work is situated between the image and the writing,
more precisely between the pictorial space and the space of 
the epistolary correspondence. Different epistolary dialogues 
overlap and the exchange of stories solicits my attention 
to focus on the language resonating between words, 
on the metaphorical images resulting from the stories, 
on the gaps due to translation and interpretation. 
Through plastic operations, I put these images back into play, I unfold them in new configurations where the gap will take on the motifs of maps, archipelago, patchwork, being declined in several units that differ despite their similarity but that various techniques will link, we will have a strange assembly sometimes.
The space of the paper is then this imaginary place where these poetic images are replayed plastically. Printing techniques allow me to decline these images to a modu- lation with the pictorial space.
Indeed, I experiment the way of modulating the forms by the reversibility, the transparency and the superimpositions that allow the techniques of the serigraphy, the intaglio photopolymer, among others, in order to translate the images, the impressions, the traces left by the epistolaryexchanges.
In other words, the narrative that develops in the letters finds its pictorial counterpart in the superimposed forms that attempt to translate the perpetual movement of space, the journey through time.
The epistolary correspondence thus leads me to rethink the dialogue, the relations between the forms in my plastic work. The dialogue between these forms is not played between oppositions, nor in face to face, but rather in overlapping, in interlacing, by transparency in close relation with the space of the support.
des tombées telluriques dieux sous les rochers  momies des vergers en friche puis une ossature
ma correspondance est faite de hantises. Entre deux points il y masse océanique, mer,  vestiges, lapsus, vagabondoyances

des serpents coraliens


Pathway from 2020-3

These last three years, I have been moving elsewhere. 
In doing so, I have sought to move my imagination in relation 
to technical means, to other ways of thinking; by learning other 
printing techniques, by imagining a flexible medium to tell 
my trajectories, by diving into different local histories 
or mythologies. 
What focuses my attention in my current practice Assembling images 
differently in order to achieve a rhythm: layering, entangling, 
overflowing, overlapping.
It is to compose, to decompose by fragmenting.
 To make these alterations of the image operate as freely as possible,
 to create the feeling of strangeness to myself. 
To blur the zones between the imaginary and the real and to move in 
this unfolded relief which is composed with the liking of the work of 
impression while following the wire of the correspondence like a 
second life.
Techniques Drawing: pencils, wax pastels, watercolor, acrylic, 
natural ink.

Printed images: silk-screen printing, collography, 
engraving techniques (intaglio on metal, tetrapak and other 
recyclable surfaces (kitchen technics)) photopolymer.

CV Resume


2023 “Embrasure”  collective cargo in Passenger gallery, Bruxelles, BE
2022 L'art en Ville, at Les Inattendues gallery Tournai, BE
2021 Halloween ground 0 at the Guest house, Cork, IR
2021 "SILENCE" exhibition Graphic Studio Gallery Dublin, IR
2019 "On the Brink", La Chambre Gallery, Brussels, BE
2019 "At the edge, the bird's perch" duo with Shira Horesh Lin Gallery, BE
2017 "Specimen", Architecture Space La Cambre/ Horta, Brussels, BE
2016 "Allusions", Albert Garnier Gallery, Sainte-Anastasie-sur-Issole, FR
2015 "Precipitates and bodies", Chapelle St-Jean, La Garde-Freinet, FR
2015 "Magical journey of a certain zero", Festival Racont'art, Mostaganem, ALG
2014 "Cargo II", "Sinon l'atelier", Brussels, BE
2013 "Cargo I", "Sinon l'atelier", Brussels, BE
2011 "Magic Journey of a Certain Zero", Museum of Folklore and Lace, Brussels, BE
2011 Chamarande Gallery, Brussels, BE

Formations-studies(Artistic residencies)

2012 - 2016 MA Drawing, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Brussels, BE
1992 - 1996 BA Graphic Design, Institut Saint-Luc, Brussels, BE
2023 Cork Print Studio - Belfast PrintWorkshop (collective work with Linda Barbour)
2022 Zea Mays studio, Northampton, US
2021 Roadbook Residency, Innicarra, IR
2020 -2022 La Chambre Galery "Citizen's journey" workshops about the intercultural citizenship, Brussel,
2019-2020 BPW, Belfast, IRL
2019 Aq Tushetii, Omalo, GEORgia 
2019 Seacourt Print Workshop, Bangor, IRL2018 PAF, Performing Arts Forum (collective writing "Broken Dictionary", St Erme, FR
2017 Suzanne Bastien Foundation (experience of landscape, place and space),Port Vila, VU
2015-2016 Villa Abd-el-Tif [Algerian Agency for Cultural Radiation] ("The 7 Faces of Algeria"), Algiers, ALG

Socio-cultural pathway

  • 2020 - 2023 Intercultural Citizenship module (Integration pathway (Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles) "Cartographie des valeurs" at the Chambre de la culture belgo-méditerranéenne, Brussels, BE
  • 2022 “l’Objet migrateur” Design of a creative manual for teachers of foreign languages and cultures OLC (Walloon Federation Brussels) BE
  • 2015 - 2018 Project manager in the socio-cultural space at the Omar Khayam Cultural Center, Brussels, BE
  • 2018 Design & organization of the workshop "Next Generation, Please! ", BOZAR Festival, Bôzar Museum of Brussels, Brussels, BE
  • 2016 - 2018 Design & organization of "Odyssey of Freedoms", a workshop for mid-grants on citizenship in the framework of the European project AMIF in collaboration with the City of Brussels and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels, Brussels, BE.
  • 2016 Design & organization of workshops with people suffering from Alzheimers at the King Baudouin Residence "enigma of place", a project in relation with high school students of the Bischoffsheim Institute, Brussels, BE
  • 2015 - 2018 Design & organization of "Odyssey of Freedoms", a project in the framework of "Vivre Ensemble" (French Community Commission), Brussels, BE
  • 2015 - 2016 Design & organization of "The Magic Journey of a Certain Zero", a project on multicultural citizenship in partnership with the CISP's "Building Bridges Not Walls" project in Algeria and in the pursuit of human rights in Algeria. ALG
  • 2015 Cycle "Enclos/Oasis" of nine philosophical/artistic conferences and an exhibition, in collaboration with the artistic collective Terra Mentis, Brussels, BE
  • 2017 Creation of the art collective "Cargo-Sinon", questioning migration, drawing and translation, Brussels
  • 2003 - 2011 Conception & organization of the intercultural citizen project for the general public "Magical journey from a certain zero". BE
  • 1999 - 2003 Iconography and cartoon design in Oniria Picture, Luxembourg, LU 
  • 1998 graphic design (, iconography, UK